Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are you implying there was no historical Jesus ?

My Response to Rationalists:

You asked,
Are you implying there was no historical Jesus?

Jesus exists before History. Because he understood that he was the same “I am” that exists in all things before time.

You are the same “I am” – everything is “that”

Why does evolution stop at the monkey, the fish, the Icthys, the algae, the bacteria, the single celled organism, the zygote ?

Where does the Universe come from ?

What does the best Science tell us ?

From a single point? – A Quark ? A fermion ? A Higgs Boson, something smaller ?

Infinitly smaller – that means that we have all evolved from “that”

We are all made of the same stuff. Carl Sagan called it Star Stuff – and he was correct,

Einstein was Correct.

Baruch Spinoza was Correct.

Yahshua (Esse) of Nazareth was Correct.

The Essenes, the Nazarenes were Correct.

Parable ? Yes .

Mythology ? Yes

Fiction ? Yes

Quantum Physics ? Yes

Truth ? What is Truth ?

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