Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why does Jesus call God the Father ? In Hebrew abba.... In Aramaic "av"

Through most of the New Testament Jesus calls God simply Father. In Hebrew the word is abba.
The word abba derives ultimately from one of the simplest words in one of the world's oldest languages, ancient Hebrew, or Aramaic. The root of abba is av, the Hebrew word for father. It is one of the simplest words in the world because it is formed from just two letters, and those two are the first two letters of the Hebrew alefbet. Aleph and Bet (also spoken as vet), In the image above the letters are read from right to left. Alef looks like an "X" and bet (vet) looks like a backwards "C"

Jesus usually spoke in parables and metaphor, did this word have another hidden or secret meaning ? Probably.

What does the Aleph-Bet mean ?
In Hebrew and Aramaic these letters are also numbers. Aleph being One and Bet being Two.

1. Aleph: is the supreme living Energy. It is One, but it is also hidden in multiplicity. Aleph is immeasurable. And the mathematical symbol for "infinite"

2. Bet: the Hebrew definition of bet is house, container, support of the eternal.

So together the letters Aleph + Bet (av) represent the "Infinite" living Energy that is contained in all things.

"Bet is any support of Aleph. Aleph with everything, everything with Aleph, Bet with everything, everything with Bet. This means that the eternal is everywhere, in all that is." - Suares

When you read the gospels as they are written and you place this idea wherever you see the word Father, and think "av" the infinite within all things, the words become illuminated.

When you say the words "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name ".... and think "av".... "The Infinite Energy and Life within all things...." You begin to realize and remember that yes, God is not separate from the Universe in heaven somewhere, God is simply everything that exists, and does not exist. Everything is made of energy, and so are you. Energy never dies, and neither do you. Energy is neither made nor destroyed. It just is. Another way of thinking of this concept would be to imagine a burning bush that is on fire yet does not consume itself, and sings "I am that I am" ... That is all there is. Amen.


  1. It was a gift reading this. When I talk to God I always call Him "Dios". From now on, I believe, I am calling Him "Abba", just as Jesus did. xoxo-

  2. Better yet,,,,, say "av" or Avoon like Jesus did

  3. Sweet Jesus! I will Rod, I will :)

  4. What is your take on the etymology of the word 'marvel' is as used in, "He who seeks will not give up until he finds; and having found, he will marvel; and having marveled, he will reign; and having reigned, he will rest."

    This subject is covered in detail in the QFTK book.

  5. God is personal living person- God in flesh-He is a sentiment being nd not just living energies without soul... We don't need a machine or comfort or company bur real person. May You all be blessed. Amen