Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aleph Bayt. ALL Love - Be it


Why did Jesus always call "God" Aleph Bayt ? אב (Father)

From 300 BC to 300 AD. ie: Dead Sea scrolls (Sons of Zadok/Essenes) - I'd love to see all writings since 0 AD through 300 AD - ALL LOVE. Be it.

Hebrew "Father" is Aleph-Bayt. And the numbers 1 and 2
I'd like to get my hands on book of Matthew written in Hebrew.
It's Hidden I guess... ALL LOVE = One. Aleph|en|כל

כל האהבה אוליב Be Love. That's what you are. - Be Love.

When you study letters - you realize that it's all about LOVE. Love your neighbor. Love your enemy. We are ALL ONE LOVE.
When you read the letters from left to right - it sounds like "Be it - ALL LOVE"
אב. Bayt -Aleph Be it. ALL Love. Jesus called "God" ABBA. ALL LOVE -BE IT BE IT - ALL LOVE.

Learn your Alphabet. Alpha-bet. Aleph-Bayt. All Leph Be it. All Love - Be it.
Be it - ALL Love. Aleph. Olive. bayt aleph.

Jesus spoke on the Mount of Olive. or was it the Mount of Aleph ... ALL-LOVE
The 1st 2 letters of the Hebrew Alpha-bet. (and all others) I just realized that. Aleph Bayt (A Love. Be it)

RT @TheQuietAnswer Only in each other can we find ourselves. #ACIM

A Love. Be it. (aleph bayt)

It's too bad more people don't know about Q or Thomas - it would end all the Wars. @MartijnLinssen

I'd like to get on a dig in Egypt or Qumran - where they'll most likely find the Logia (Q) later this year. (or next)

Earlier Logia ( sayings of Jesus) ...

Papias (c 60 - 130) Early Christian Bishop of Hierapolis,"Expositions of the Oracles of the Lord" states: "Matthew compiled the Logia in the Hebrew language, and each person interpreted them as he was able", survives only in quotations made by Irenaeus and Eusebius.

RT @Cosmunity The spirit who lives in us all, is equal as the spirit who lives in the world and all universes

RT @InnerPeaceSage Life Is. I Am.

Q or Bayt (Aleph Bayt Bayt Aleph) sayings ?

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