Monday, September 26, 2011

The Tree of Life. A discussion between Adam and Science.

Adam: Creation is Beautiful !

Science: Yes, creation by natural selection.

Adam: Yes, Nature is beautiful, and awesome ! - The "God" of Spinoza (and Einstein) at work.

Science: We are part of nature, so we see it as beautiful. It is a reflection of ourselves.

Adam: Exactly correct. We are Nature. There is no difference, no separation whatsoever. What we do to Nature, we do to ourselves.

Science: We are the part of nature that is conscious of itself.

Adam: I wonder if there are any other parts also conscious of themselves ....

Science: It's entirely possible, but we have no direct or compelling evidence at this time. We should keep looking.

Adam: Maybe rocks... how would we know ? Maybe fermions ...

Science: Not likely. Look for something alive.

Adam: After grade 11 Chemistry I see everything at the sub-atomic level... everything is spinning and dancing in space.

Science: Right, but it's not conscious.

Adam: Maybe they are only dreaming. Some other level of Consciousness.....

Science: There is no reason to think so.

Adam: Maybe some will eventually evolve.... like we did. It's just a matter of time.

Science: It's entirely possible that some did, somewhere else. But, again, we have no direct evidence at this time.

Adam: But WE are evidence that Consciousness evolves out of nothing. What more evidence do you need ?

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