Friday, December 30, 2011

Why we celebrate Dec 25th .... Moses and the Burning Bush 25th Kislev

Many Christians are confused on the date of Jesus Birthday. We seem to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Dec 25th. More likely this is the date that the Magi arrived, bringing gifts to the young baby known as Yeshua bar-yosef, Yeshua ha-moshiach and Yeshua ha-notzri (Jesus the Nazarene) from the Hebrew word "Netzer", Branch of David and root of Jesse. It is more likely that Jesus was born during the month of October, at the time of the Jewish Festival of Sukkot and the stable or manger was actually the traditional Sukkah. It doesn't matter the actual date of Yeshua's birthday. December 25th was chosen because it approximates the 25th of Kislev, the Jewish Festival of Lights that commemorates the miracle of Hanukkah but more importantly the original construction of the Mishkan, the Holy Sanctuary of the Divine Presence .... as Yeshua was the fulfillment of that creation of the Divine Light coming into the World to teach us that we are all "One with the Father" as he was One with the Father. Ein od Milvado. God is One, there is nothing other than God. A Light has come into the World. Rejoice and be glad. Ameyn. Ameyn. Ameyn.


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  2. The 25th of December wasn't chosen, it was adopted to make the transition to monotheism from older religions that were losing favour. You really need to read some non-fiction and give up the bible dude.