Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Non-dual Teachings of Yeshua ha-Notzri, Jesus the Nazarene.

Jesus the Nazarene (ha-Notzri/Branch of David) teaches that "The Kingdom of God is within You" Luke 17:21 If the Kingdom of God is infinite, and is also within you does that mean that you contain the infinite ? How does one contain the infinite without being Infinite One Self ? If you are infinite you are One with the Universe that is also infinite. How can you make yourself separate from the infinite. That is the illusion of duality, and Jesus teaches non-duality. The Kingdom of God is WITHIN You, and within everything. It is all that exists. There is nothing other than "that". Ein od Milvado. אין עוד מלבדו

"God is One, there is none other", can also be interpreted as "There is nothing else" Not that there is only One God (Monotheism) ... rather, there is only One Infinite Everything, and you and Jesus and Buddha and your neighbor are part of that Oneness. It is not Atheism it is called Monism. Huge Difference.

Some, like Baruch Spinoza say that "Everything is God" That is Non-dual thought. There is Only One. Nothing else.


  1. Wow - beautiful. Shalom.

  2. OK, a number of things:

    1) Why haven't you posted since march last year?

    2) What is the literal translation of "Ein od Milvado"? The "ein" is "no" or "none" I remember that much. I used to be able to medabayr ivrit. (im aynenni li, mi li? forgive very poor phonetic rendition)

    3) Is there a parallel between "Ein od Milvado" and "tat tvam asi" ? If so, would you care to elaborate? If not, would you care to elaborate why not?

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  3. Fantastic. So simple. i wish everyone could see this. Namaste.