Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Perennial Philosophy - Aldous Huxley

PHILOSOPHIA PERENNIS - the phrase was coined by Leibniz; but the thing - the metaphysic that recognizes a divine Reality substantial to the world of things and lives and minds; the psychology that finds in the soul something similar to, or even identical with, divine Reality; the ethic that places man's final end in the knowledge of the immanent and transcendent Ground of all being - the thing is immemorial and universal. - Introduction to The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley

The Perennial Philosophy is primarily concerned with the One, divine Reality substantial to the manifold world of things and lives and minds. But the nature of this one Reality is such that it cannot be directly and immediately apprehended except by those who have chosen to fulfil certain conditions, making themselves loving, pure in heart, and poor in spirit. Why should this be so ? We do not know. - Aldous Huxley

Do not ask whether the Principle is in this or that; it is in all beings - Chuang-Tzu

One Nature, perfect and pervading, circulates in all natures - Yung-chia Ta-shih

Behold but One in all things; it is the second that leads you astray. - Kabir

When the Ten Thousand things are viewed in their oneness, we return to the Origin and remain where we have always been. - Sen T'sen

Goodness needeth not to enter into the soul, for it is there already, only it is unperceived - Theologia Germanica

The Beloved is all in all; the lover merely veils Him; The Beloved is all that lives... Rumi

The Perennial Philosophy - Aldous Huxley

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